Deploy App from Xcode to iTunes Connect

  • From navigation choose Product > Archive (It will open a new window)
  • Open and choose App
  • Add the name of the app to description (it’s just for yourself) and then the Bundle Id which is something like It needs to be the same you used in Xcode.
  • Go to iTunes Connect (
  • Click the plus sign and fill the information. You should see the newly created Bundle Id in the Bundle Id options
  • Go back to Xcode and the window it popped up after Archive If you already closed it, you can open it from Window > Organizer
  • Choose your app and click Validate App
  • Keep all the defaults and hit next until it’s done
  • Then click Distribute App Don't touch anything but just click the next button

Now the app should show on iTunes Connect when you go to the app and open TestFlight tab that's showing all the builds

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