2020 — Lesson 6

learn = cnn_learner(dls, resnet34, metrics=error_rate)
learn.fine_tune(2, base_lr=0.1)
learn.fit_one_cycle(12, lr_max=slice(1e-6, 1e-4))
learn = cnn_learner(dls, resnet50, metrics=error_rate).to_fp16()
a = list(string.ascii_lowercase)
a[0], len(a)
CONSOLE: ('a', 26)def f1(o): return o+'a'
def f2(o): return o+'b'
dss = Datasets(a, [[f1,f2]])CONSOLE: ('aab',)dss = Datasets(a, [[f1],[f2]])CONSOLE: ('aa', 'ab')
def say_hello(name, say_what="Hello"): return f"{say_what} {name}."
say_hello('Jeremy'),say_hello('Jeremy', 'Ahoy!')
CONSOLE: ('Hello Jeremy.', 'Ahoy! Jeremy.')f = partial(say_hello, say_what="Bonjour")
CONSOLE: ('Bonjour Jeremy.', 'Bonjour Sylvain.')
Embedding is the same as matrix multiplication with a one hot encoded vector
class Collab(Module):
def __init__(self, n_users, n_movies, n_factors, y_range=(0,5.5)):
self.user_factors = Embedding(n_users, n_factors)
self.user_bias = Embedding(n_users, 1)
self.movie_factors = Embedding(n_movies, n_factors)
self.movie_bias = Embedding(n_movies, 1)
self.y_range = y_range

def forward(self, x):
users = self.user_factors(x[:,0])
movies = self.movie_factors(x[:,1])
res = (users * movies).sum(dim=1, keepdim=True)
res += self.user_bias(x[:,0]) + self.movie_bias(x[:,1])
return sigmoid_range(res, *self.y_range)



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