Lesson 5 notes — Part 1 v3

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There is also 1000 outputs
This could be a row vector for some movie. Weights tell for example how much comedy, or George Clooney there is in the movie.
movies = pd.read_csv(path/'u.item', delimite='|', header=None,  
names=['movieId','title','date','N','url',*[f'g{i}' for i
in range(19)]])
movies = pd.read_csv(path/'u.item',delimite='|', encoding='latin-1', 
header=None, names=['movieId','title','date','N','url',*
[f'g{i}' for i in range(19)]])
movie_w = learn.weight(top_movies, is_item=True)
OUTPUT: torch.Size([1000, 40])movie_pca = movie_w.pca(3)
OUTPUT: torch.Size([1000, 3])
Weight decay explained using math notations
x_train,y_train,x_valid,y_valid = map(torch.tensor,(x_train,y_train,x_valid,y_valid))
x_train = torch.tensor(x_train)
y_train = torch.tensor(y_train)
x_valid = torch.tensor(x_valid)
y_valid = torch.tensor(y_valid)
train_ds = TensorDataset(x_train,y_train)
valid_ds = TensorDataset(x_valid,y_valid)
data = DataBunch.create(train_ds, valid_ds, bs=64)
x,y = next(iter(data.train_dl))
(torch.Size([64,784]), torch.Size([64]))
class Mnist_Logistic(nn.Module):
def __init__(self):
# This line is important to remember.
# Inputs,outputs
self.lin = nn.Linear(784, 10, bias=True)
def forward(self, xb): return self.lin(xb)

As a homework try to create nn.Linear function from scratch.

model = Mnist_Logistic().cuda()
[p.shape for p in model.parameters()]
loss_func = nn.CrossEntropyLoss()
def update(x,y,lr):
wd = 1e-5
y_hat = model(x)
# weight decay
w2 = 0.
for p in model.parameters(): w2 += (p**2).sum()
# add to regular loss
loss = loss_func(y_hat, y) + w2*wd
with torch.no_grad():
for p in model.parameters():
p.sub_(lr * p.grad)
# This is just turning PyTorch tensor into normal Python number
return loss.item()
mse(m(x,w),y) + wd * w²
2wd * w
wd * w
S_t = alpha * g + (1-alpha) * S_(t-1)
RMSprop = old_RMSprop * 0.9 + learning_rate * gradient²
weights = old_weights - (gradient * learning_rate) / RMSprop
adam = (momentum * learning_rate) / sqrt(RMSprop)
weights = old_weights - adam



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