Testing Startup Idea in 6 Days


How to test the hypothesis?





“It was easy to add” is often the reason why MVPs have a lot of features and it’s not a good thing. MVP should focus only the core feature and everything else should be left out even if it’s easy to add and doesn’t seem to make the code much complex.


I don’t think you should take everything in the product too seriously and try to make it look like some big corporation did it. Do things that make you happy and the users will notice it and like it more than trying to pretend a big company.

When building automation for MVP, it’s important to think how much it takes to build it and how much time it saves. It’s often hard to estimate but I would say that only automate stuff that saves you double the time it takes to build. Just because often software building estimations seem to double.

I want to highlight that this is what always happens. I was ready to take the screenshots and launch the website tomorrow but then I realize something I didn’t notice before which causes one extra day. This is not the same as building more and more features which might look very similar. Be careful if one day turns into two and two days turn into three. Then you are probably adding features, not fixing the mistakes you didn’t think in the first place.


I first built the developer tool using ReactJS. Then I started to add news and I realize that it wasn’t actually the best solution. The original work was waste of time but I don’t regret it. I don’t think I could have predicted that it’s too hard to use without first really using it. It’s just important to have some time for this kind of mistakes because it’s inevitable to have them. “Move fast and break things”

It’s good practice to have some path of actions you follow every time and in the end, repeating it as many times as it takes to do it once without any problems.









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