Using Retrospective to Improve Yourself

Photo by Jill Heyer on Unsplash

Every Sunday I take half an hour to review my week. I learned this thing in college as CS people use Scrum often as a project management tool and it contains these retrospectives. One day I realized that if this works in teams, why I couldn’t use it alone.

There are three questions that I answer: How well you achieved the goal (from previous retrospective), what did you learn, what worked well, What needs improvement? / How to fix problems for the next sprint?

I also create simple bullet point timeline about the last week for later so I don’t need to pull that information some other place. And I set myself some goal for the next week and some subgoals that I also review.

I have done this now probably a month or little bit more and I feel like it have helped a lot. I have notice some things like not concentrating when doing things too long and I reduced the amount of freetime I spend daily.